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Raven's Greatest Creation
Raven's Greatest Creation
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There are as many Creation stories as there are First Nations in North America.
This is a Creation story as dreamed and shared by Order of Canada recipient and Métis author David Bouchard.

In true Métis fashion and in the traditional way of story telling, Bouchard introduces readers to Sky World, Earth People,Raven, Turtle Island and one clear vision as to how two-leggeds (humankind) came to be.

As in so many of his award-winning books, Bouchard carefully selects the best in visual and musical Aboriginal artists to accompany his tellings.  In this book, readers will experience the passion and talents of Cherokee artist Brigitte Lopez and Lumbee/Tuscarora singer-songwriter Jana Mashonee.

This is more than the sharing of story, pride and culture. It is a celebration of international Aboriginal success at all levels in word, image and sound.