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More Than Words Publishing

More Than Words Publishing is an independent
publisher producing the works of renowned
Canadian Métis author David Bouchard.
David Bouchard is Canada’s most published
and respected Métis writer and a recipient of the
Order of Canada. His books have won several
prestigious awards, most recently the 2008
Gold Medal Moonbeam Award for I am Raven.
If You’re not From the Prairie (1999) is listed on MacLean’s Top
Twenty Children’s Books in the history of Canada. If You’re
Not From the Prairie, Qu’Appelle (2002), and The Song Within My Heart
(2002) all appear on the Southam News List of 25 Canadian
Children’s Classics.

MTW Publishing produces books for all ages and all
peoples. We are dedicated to publishing books that appeal
to everyone as well as books that encourage and reach out
to readers of all levels.

MTW Publishing titles are available to retailers, schools
and libraries at standard book discounts. No minimums
necessary; free shipping for orders of $200 net or more
(before GST). All orders ship from Victoria, BC. We will
contact you with freight charges prior to sending your
shipment. Please note all sales are final and are due
Net 30 days. Books remain the property of MTW Publishers
until payment is received in full.